Super-Photostable Phosphole-Based Dye for Multiple-Acquisition Stimulated Emission Depletion Imaging

Laterally π-Extended Dithia[6]helicenes with Heptagons: Saddle-Helix Hybrid Molecules

Synthesis of Seminaphtho-phospha-fluorescein Dyes Based on the Consecutive Arylation of Aryldichlorophosphines

Catalytic transformation of functionalized carboxylic acids using multifunctional rhenium complexes

Electro-Activated Conductivity and White Light Emission of a Hydrocarbon Nanoring-Iodine Assembly

Tethered 1,2-Si-Group Migrations in Radical-Mediated Ring Enlargements of Cyclic Alkoxysilanes: An EPR Spectroscopic and Computational Investigation

Chemical ligation of oligonucleotides using an electrophilic phosphorothioester

Enhancement of synergistic gene silencing by RNA interference using branched “3-in-1” trimer siRNA

Multifaceted catalytic hydrogenation of amides via diverse activation of a sterically confined bipyridine–ruthenium framework

Synthesis, Properties, and Crystal Structures of π-Extended Double [6]Helicenes: Contorted Multi-Dimensional Stacking Lattice