Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of a Cylinder-Shaped Cyclo[12]orthophenylene[6]ethynylene: Toward the Synthesis of Zigzag Carbon Nanobelts

Flexible Reaction Pocket on Bulky Diphosphine–Ir Complex Controls Regioselectivity in para-Selective C–H Borylation of Arenes

Synthesis and Properties of [8]-, [10]-, [12]-, and [16]Cyclo-1,4-naphthylenes

A Soluble Dynamic Complex Strategy for the Solution-Processed Fabrication of Organic Thin-Film Transistors of a Boron-Containing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

Cyanation of Phenol Derivatives with Aminoacetonitriles by Nickel Catalysis

C-H Activation Enables Rapid Structure-Activity Relationship Study of Arylcyclopropyl amines for Potent and Selective LSD1 Inhibitors

Thiophene-Fused π-Systems from Diarylacetylenes and Elemental Sulfur

Corannulene–Helicene Hybrids: Chiral π-Systems Comprising Both Bowl and Helical Motifs

Construction of Covalent Organic Nanotubes by Light-Induced Cross-Linking of Diacetylene-Based Helical Polymers

Macrocyclization by Rh-Catalyzed Cross-Cyclotrimerization of L-Shaped Diynes with Di-tert-butyl Acetylenedicarboxylate: Effect of Bent Linkers of Diynes