[Award] Dr. Naoko Abe (Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory) received Poster Award at FNA 2018.

Dr. Naoko Abe (Ph D. Researcher, Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory) received Poster Award at FNA PERTH 2018 (Nov. 22-23, 2018, Perth, Australia). Congratulations!
Received: November, 23, 2018.

[Award] Dr. Yasuaki Kimura (Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory) received Ohtsuka Award

Dr. Yasuaki Kimura (Assistant Professor, Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory) received Ohtsuka Award at 45th International Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry (ISNAC2018, Nov. 7-9, 2018, Kyoto). Ohtsuka Award is presented to young researchers with PhD. who gave outstanding presentation and discussion in the annual meeting. Congratulations!

Received: November, 8, 2018.
Title : Development of 2’-β Seleno Nucleoside Analogs as Irreversible Inhibitors for Viral Polymerases

[受賞] 米村開君(M1)が平成30年度 内外環境応答・代謝酵素研究会にてポスター賞を受賞


2018年11月23日~24日、鳥取大学にて行われた平成30年度 内外環境応答・代謝酵素研究会において、生物無機化学研究室の米村開君(M1)がポスター賞を受賞しました。 おめでとうございます!

[受賞] 児玉侑朔君(M1)、林哲子さん(M1)、松本彩香さん(M1)、米村開君(M1)が第8回CSJ化学フェスタにて優秀ポスター発表賞を受賞


2018年10月23日~25日、東京都のタワーホール船堀にて行われた第8回CSJ化学フェスタにおいて、生物無機化学研究室の児玉侑朔君(M1)、林哲子さん(M1)、松本彩香さん(M1)、米村開さん(M1)が優秀ポスター発表賞を受賞しました。 おめでとうございます!

[Job Opportunity] Associate Professor Position at Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University

DDepartment of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University is seeking an Associate Professor with a strong background in organic chemistry.

Job title (number of positions)

Associate Professor (one)


Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University

Research field

Organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry

Job description

Collaborating with Prof. Shigehiro Yamaguchi and other staffs in Functional Organic Materials Laboratory, he/she will promote the development of functional organic materials from synthesis, structure, and properties points of view. He/she will be also involved in education, research and management at the Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science and School of Science.

Employment conditions

  • Employment status: Full-time with tenure until mandatory retirement age (65 years of age); discretionary work system
  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, summer holidays and year-end holidays (December 29 – January 3)
  • Leave: Paid annual leave, sick leave, and special leave
  • Salary and allowance: Paid in accordance with Nagoya University Pay Rules, etc.
  • Social insurance: Mutual Aid Association (health insurance), welfare pension, employment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance


A researcher holding a Ph. D. degree, who enthusiastically pioneers new research areas
Ability to give lectures on organic chemistry

Starting date

Later than May, 2019

Application documents written in English

  • Resume (attach photograph)
  • List of achievements (including invited lectures and research grants)
  • Main article reprints (maximum of 10 papers)
  • Research summary (2 pages on A4)
  • Future research and education plan (1-2 pages on A4)
  • Name and contact address of two referees

Submission of application documents

Combine the above application documents into one PDF file and send as an attachment to the following address. Enter “Chemistry Associate Professor Application (Name)” as the subject/title. After submission, confirm the reply mail of receipt. 
Address to submit document: jinji-chem2@chem.nagoya-u.ac.jp
If electronic submission is difficult, send the documentation via postal mail to the address below. In this case, specify “Chemistry Associate Professor Application Documents” on the envelope and send by simple registered mail.

Deadline for submission

December 17, 2018

Selection method

Interview after document review

Submission of applications

Professor Hiroshi Abe
Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science,
Nagoya University
Furo, Chikusa, Nagoya 464-8602, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)52-789-2490
Email: jinji-chem2@chem.nagoya-u.ac.jp

Application inquiries

Professor Shigehiro Yamaguchii
Functional Organic Materials Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
Furo, Chikusa, Nagoya 464-8602, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)52-789-2291
E-mail: yamaguchi@chem.nagoya-u.ac.jp

Other notes

Applicant should be responsible for all travel expenses incurred for the interview.
Submitted application materials will not be returned to the applicant.
All personal information is handled in strict confidentiality and is not utilized for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party.
Nagoya University proactively promotes gender equality.

[受賞] 河野慎一郎 講師が第34回マツダ財団 研究助成に採択されました

河野慎一郎 講師分子組織化学研究室)の研究が、マツダ財団 研究助成に採択されました。おめでとうございます。


[受賞] 唐澤昌之君(M2)が第12回バイオ関連化学シンポジウムにてMetallomics賞を受賞


2018年9月9日~11日、大阪大学にて行われた第12回バイオ関連化学シンポジウムにおいて、生物無機化学研究室の唐澤昌之君(M2)がMetallomics賞を受賞しました。 おめでとうございます!

[受賞] 小野田浩宜君(D3)が第12回バイオ関連化学シンポジウムにて学生ポスター賞を受賞


2018年9月9日~11日、大阪大学にて行われた第12回バイオ関連化学シンポジウムにおいて、生物無機化学研究室の小野田浩宜君(D3)が学生ポスター賞を受賞しました。 おめでとうございます!

[受賞] 唐澤昌之君(M2)が第70回日本生物工学会大会にて大会トピックスに選出

2018年9月5日~7日、関西大学にて行われた第70回日本生物工学会大会において、生物無機化学研究室の唐澤昌之君(M2)が大会トピックスに選出されました。 おめでとうございます!

[お知らせ]荘司長三准教授と唐澤昌之君(M2)らの研究がTop 100 Science Spinoffsに選定されました。


荘司長三准教授と唐澤昌之君(M2)らの「世界初!一段階でベンゼンをフェノールに変換する細菌を開発」の研究が英国Spinoff.comによりTop 100 Science Spinoffs に選定されました.

https://app.box.com/shared/static/3cntcx8vx5dngo8xw7cs285pcf54vbli.pdf (p219に研究の紹介が掲載されています。)