12/17 [GTR-IGER-RCMS Seminar] Mechanistic studies on ketone hydrogenation and transfer hydrogenation in the absence of deprotonatable ligands: going beyond the Noyori mechanism

7/27 [JSPS-IGER-RCMS Seminar] Catalytic hydrogenation and dehydrogenative coupling

5/21 [IGER-RCMS Seminar] Phosphatriazenes: Versatile ligands for bioactive molecules modification via Sustainable palladium catalysis

2/27 [IGER セミナー] 逐次および同時2光子励起による フォトクロミック反応の高次複合制御

1/10 [IGER] IGER Annual meeting

12/7 [IGER Lecture] Unconventional behavior of electrons in solids: Dirac electrons and pseudo-relativity

11/16 [IGER Lecture] Functional phase transition materials on the basis of solid state physical chemistry – From chiral photomagnets to functional ferrites and heat-storage ceramics –

10/26 [IGER Lecture] Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids: DNA Origami and Artificial Genetic Switches

10/5 [IGER Lecture] Polymer Science and Polypeptide -organelle engineering and spider silk-

10/12 [IGER Lecture] What can we do with homogeneous catalysis?