6/10 [IGERグリーン自然レクチャー] 低分子による核酸構造と機能の調節

5/12 [RCMS-IGER-ITbMセミナー] Applying Inorganic Synthesis to Gain Access to New Phosphorescent and Nanodimensional Materials

4/19 [Itami ERATO-ITbM-IGER-RCMS セミナー] Indenofluorenes and Quinoidal Analogues- A New Class of Electron-Accepting Materials

2/22 [IGERセミナー] From Garbage to Plastics and Beyond: Polymerizations with Elemental Sulfur

1/20 [Campus Asia, IGER & RCMS Seminar] Applying New Synthetic Methodologies to Versatile Polymerizations

1/13 [ITbM-IGER Seminar] Mechanism-Based Design and Development of Nickel-Catalyzed Stereospecific Cross-Coupling Reactions

1/8 [IGER] 2015年度IGER年次報告会

12/4 [IGERグリーン自然レクチャー] 糖質科学の裏庭を逍遥する

11/30 [IGER & RCMS Seminar] 多重双安定性金属錯体の化学

11/13 [IGERグリーン自然レクチャー] 化学と幾何学 ー多面体の定理を活用したものづくりー