11/4 [IGER Lecture] Proteins: The next generation of industrial materials

9/2~9/3 [IGER International Symposium on Pre-ICMM 2016 in Nagoya] “New Research Crossroads in Molecular Conductors and Magnets”

8/31 [CtC・RCMS・IGER Seminar] Synthesis and Structure of Group 16 systems

7/22 [IGER Lecture] Photochemical Reaction Field Created by Metal Nanostructures and Its Application to Energy Conversion Systems

6/10 [IGER Lecture] Modulation of Nucleic Acid Structure and Function by Small Organic Molecules

5/12 [RCMS-IGER-ITbMSeminar] Applying Inorganic Synthesis to Gain Access to New Phosphorescent and Nanodimensional Materials

4/19 [Itami ERATO-ITbM-IGER-RCMS seminar] Indenofluorenes and Quinoidal Analogues- A New Class of Electron-Accepting Materials

2/22 [IGER Seminar] From Garbage to Plastics and Beyond: Polymerizations with Elemental Sulfur

1/20 [Campus Asia, IGER & RCMS Seminar] Applying New Synthetic Methodologies to Versatile Polymerizations

1/13 [ITbM-IGER Seminar] Mechanism-Based Design and Development of Nickel-Catalyzed Stereospecific Cross-Coupling Reactions