[G-COE & RCMS セミナー] Theoretical modeling of vibrational spectra and multidimensional proton tunneling in hydrogen-bonded systems

EUV and soft X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of isolated atoms and molecules using single-order laser high-harmonics at 42 eV and 91 eV

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Protein Photoconductors and Photodiodes

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Cytochrome c552 from Thermus Thermophilus Engineered for Facile Substitution of Prosthetic Group

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[受賞] Daeheon Choi 君 グラフェン国際会議 Best Poster Award受賞

物理化学研究室のDaeheon Choi 君(大学院博士前期課程2年)がソウルでのグラフェンの国際会議(An International Conference on Recent Progress in Graphene Research 2011, Seoul, Korea, October 3-6, 2011 )で Best Poster Award を受賞しました。