[G-COE Seminar] Catalysis: Enabling Science for a Sustainable Future

Ultrafast energy transfer of one-dimensional excitons between carbon nanotubes: a femtosecond time-resolved luminescence study

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Macrocyclic Restriction with Flexible Alkylene Linkers: A Simple Strategy to Control the Solid-Sate Properties of π-Conjugated Systems

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[Symposium] Nagoya University Global COE International Symposium on Elucidation and Design of Materials and Molecular Functions & 7th and 8th Yoshimasa Hirata Memorial Lectures

[G-COE Seminar] Strategies towards chiral molecular conductors


[受賞] 武藤慶君 第100回有機合成シンポジウム ポスター賞 受賞


[G-COE Seminar] New Strategies for Fluorescence Manipulation: Intermolecular π-interaction issues

Synthesis of Dragmacidin D via Direct C-H Couplings

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[G-COE & RCMS セミナー] Conjugated Phosphaorganics – From Organometallics to Organic Electronics and Self-Assembled Nanomaterials