Planarized Triarylboranes: Stabilization by Structural Constraint and Their Plane-to-Bowl Converstion

2012 Excellent Master thesis Award


  • Takehisa Maekawa(Organic Chemistry lab)  “Sequential Multistep Transformations through C–H Functionalization”
  • Ryoko Hosino(Inorganic Chemistry lab)「含窒素ヘテロ環カルベンを補助配位子とする低原子価鉄錯体の合成と性質」
  • Yoshio Nishimoto(Quantum Chemistry Group)”Molecular and Electronic Structures of Trans Metal Clusters”: Endohedral Metallofullerenes and Polyoxometalate Clusters

3/22 [G-COE Seminar] “The Serendipitous Road from Nonlinear Optics of Conjugated Polymers to Organic Magnetism”

3/1 [RCMS & G-COE Seminar]

[Award] Assistant Prof. Hirofumi Yoshikawa won the 6th Wakashachi Young Scientists’ Award.

Assistant Prof. Hirofumi Yoshikawa (Advanced Materials Lab.) won  the 6th Wakashachi Young Scientists’ Award. This award is supproted by Aichi prefecture, and stimulates young researchers to innovate functional materials such energy devices by academic-industrial collaboration.s.

3/2 [IGER & RCMS Seminar] Oxidative Coupling, Chemistry between two “nucleophiles”

3/15 [G-COE Seminar] 2D Polymers by Organic Synthesis

[Award] Prof. Awaga was awarded the Chemical Society of Japan Award for Creative Work 2012

Professor Kunio Awaga was awarded the Chemical Society of Japan Award for Creative Work  2012.


The CSJ Award for Creative Work (max. 12/year)

for a leading contribution to the fundamentals and applications of chemistry.

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2/8 [IGER & RCMS Seminar] When finite becomes infinite, and infinite becomes finite …

Synthesis and Properties of [9]Cyclo-1,4-naphthylene: A pi-Extended Carbon Nanoring

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