2/4 [RCMS・IGER Seminar] The role of non-covalent interactions in band-gap tuning, conformation and self-assembly

2/26 [ITBM&IGER&RCMS Seminar] Water-Soluble Arene Ruthenium Complexes: Anticancer Properties and Beyond

2/4 [Theoretical Chemistry Colloquium Seminar] Radiative cooling of carbon clusters

Hybridization of a Flexible Cyclooctatetraene Core and Rigid Aceneimide Wings for Multiluminescent Flapping π Systems

(Japanese) [受賞] 齊藤尚平助教が平成25年度コニカミノルタ画像科学奨励賞を受賞することが決定いたしました

Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

2/5 [ITBM&IGER&RCMS Seminar] The Development of Beraprost, Nalfurafine® and Orexin Agonists

1/15 [ITbM Lecture Series] Getting Started X-ray Crystal Structural Analysis for Organic Chemists

[Award] Assoc. Prof. Yamaguchi and Assi. Prof.Shimokawa received Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2014

Associate Professor Junichiro Yamaguchi (Organic Chemistry lab) and Assistant Professor Jun Shimokawa (Organic Synthesis Group) received Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2014. Congrats!

Thieme Chemistry Journal Award

Awardees are loosely defined as promising young Professors at or near the beginning of their career. Each year a number of Professors are chosen to receive free print and electronic subscriptions of all three journals as a gesture of encouragement.