A Soluble Dynamic Complex Strategy for the Solution-Processed Fabrication of Organic Thin-Film Transistors of a Boron-Containing Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

Cyanation of Phenol Derivatives with Aminoacetonitriles by Nickel Catalysis

8/31 [CtC・RCMS・IGERセミナー] Synthesis and Structure of Group 16 systems

[受賞] 岡田 圭秀君(M2)が構造有機若手の会でポスター賞を受賞



C-H Activation Enables Rapid Structure-Activity Relationship Study of Arylcyclopropyl amines for Potent and Selective LSD1 Inhibitors

Thiophene-Fused π-Systems from Diarylacetylenes and Elemental Sulfur

Corannulene–Helicene Hybrids: Chiral π-Systems Comprising Both Bowl and Helical Motifs

Construction of Covalent Organic Nanotubes by Light-Induced Cross-Linking of Diacetylene-Based Helical Polymers

Macrocyclization by Rh-Catalyzed Cross-Cyclotrimerization of L-Shaped Diynes with Di-tert-butyl Acetylenedicarboxylate: Effect of Bent Linkers of Diynes



2016年7月28日~29日、東京工業大学にて行われた第26回バイオ・高分子シンポジウムにおいて、生物無機化学研究室の四坂勇磨君(M2)が学生優秀ポスター賞を受賞しました。 おめでとうございます!