[Job Opportunity] Global 30 International Programs, Nagoya University

Nagoya University
Global 30 International Programs
Nagoya, Japan


The Chemistry Program in the Nagoya University Global 30 International Programs seeks to fill a full-time, non-tenure-track, Designated Associate Professor, or Designated Professor position. The successful candidate will teach up to eight courses per year (eight ‘komas’ per year*), including possible evening and weekend courses. As a full-time faculty member, the person will be expected to hold office hours, provide academic advising for students and perform the normal duties associated with teaching. The person will be able to participate in research activities in one of our research groups in the Department of Chemistry (Graduate School of Science), the Department of Molecular and Macromolecular Chemistry (Graduate School of Engineering), the Department of Materials Chemistry (Graduate School of Engineering) or the Department of Biomolecular Engineering (Graduate School of Engineering).
(*In Japan one course or ‘koma’ is equivalent to one 90-minute lecture per week for 15 weeks)

Possible courses to be taught by the successful candidate include:
  • Part of General Chemistry (e.g. Laboratory in Chemistry)
  • Chemistry Seminar
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry I~III
  • Chemistry of Inorganic Materials I, II
  • Structural Chemistry

Minimum Qualifications

1) Doctoral degree in Chemistry or a related field, with teaching experience
2) Demonstrated ability to advise students at the undergraduate and graduate levels
3) Willingness to participate in the International Programs of the university, including but not limited to teaching courses to Japanese students and some administrative duties
4) Strong interpersonal skills and evidence of effective interaction with students, faculty, administration, and the local community
5) English fluency sufficient to teach abovementioned courses
6) Research skills in Inorganic or Analytical Chemistry

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, non-Japanese candidates will be given priority. 

Preferred Qualifications

1) Experience working in a multicultural environment
2) Japanese language proficiency is welcome though not required.

Nagoya University seeks individuals with demonstrated excellence in teaching at the undergraduate level and with interest in teaching introductory courses to international students from all over the world in Japan.
The initial contract will start in April 2018 and terminate in March 2021.
Contingent upon job performance and funding of the Global 30 International Program, the contract may be renewable for additional 3-year terms, possibly up to the termination of 31 March 2028 (10 years: 3 + 3 + 3+ 1-year terms).

Salary: JPY5,000,000-10,000,000/year (all inclusive)
Salary will depend on qualifications and experience, based on Nagoya University’s Salary Rules for Employees to whom the Annual Salary System applies. Taxes and insurances will be withheld from the annual salary.

Holding of concurrent positions and jobs: As a rule, Nagoya University does not permit full-time faculty working in the Global 30 International Programs to hold additional positions and jobs with other institutions.

Application Requirements

1) Cover letter
2) Full curriculum vitae— please include country of citizenship, university graduation date.
3) Copies of graduate transcripts (unofficial copies acceptable for the application process)
4) Three letters of professional recommendation—written within a year of this application—with the referee’s Name, Title, Name of Organization, Length and Nature of Relationship with Applicant, and Contact Details included (note: we will conduct reference checks for candidates who pass the initial screening)
  • At least two letters addressing candidate’s teaching abilities
  • At least one letter addressing candidate’s ability to work in a multicultural environment (if applicable)
5) Summary of research experience (about two pages)
6) List of research achievements (including invited lectures and research grants)
7) Copies of main article reprints (maximum of 5 papers; if applicable)
8) Proposal of future research plans (about 1 page)
9) One-page statement of teaching philosophy, addressing the applicant’s ability to integrate creative thinking and global perspectives into the courses taught
10) Evidence of teaching excellence, such as any of the following items (if applicable):
  • Copies of past course syllabi—from at least two different courses—prepared and used by the applicant illustrating his/her teaching philosophy
  • DVD of the applicant’s teaching
  • Student evaluation forms and summaries from at least two different courses
  • Student letters
  • Public commendations, prizes, and other awards for teaching excellence
11) Public commendations, prizes, and other awards (if applicable)

To apply, please send your complete application package by postal mail or e-mail. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Application documents will not be returned.

[Postal Information]
Please enclose the above documents in an envelope and write “Faculty Application for International Programs position; No. RC28” in red ink on the envelope.
General Administration Division
Education & International Affairs Department
Staff Hall 2nd floor
Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601, Japan

Combine all above application documents into one PDF file and send as an attachment to the following address. Enter “G30 No. RC28 (Name)” as the subject/title. After submission, confirm the reply mail of receipt. Recommendation letters should be directly sent from referees to the following address.
E-mail: jinji-chem@chem.nagoya-u.ac.jp

Contact: Dept. of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
E-mail: jinji-chem@chem.nagoya-u.ac.jp (in English or Japanese)

Application deadline: 30 November 2017
(Note: Only short-listed candidates will be notified for further instructions.)

Educational Policy of Nagoya University’s Global 30 International Programs

Nagoya University’s fundamental objective is to cultivate leaders with genuine courage and intellect. We call such leaders ‘yuuki-aru chishiki-jin,’ that is, individuals who can harness their courage, curiosity, and creativity to fully, yet responsibly, exploit their freedom with their educational and research endeavors. Its multi-disciplinary curriculum is designed to cultivate ethical leaders who can develop innovative solutions, through inquiry and analysis, with strong communication and teamwork skills to be productive members of the global environment. Nagoya University welcomes highly motivated educators who share this vision to apply.

About Nagoya University

Nagoya University is a comprehensive national research-intensive university in the heart of Japan. With approximately 16,000 students, of which 1,600 are international, Nagoya University is currently ranked 115 (QS World University Ranking), 84 (Academic Ranking of World Universities) and 301 — 350 (THE World University Rankings) in the world. The critically acclaimed faculty of Nagoya University have won international awards including the Fields Medal, the King Faisal International Prize, and six Nobel Prizes. With the goal of opening its departments to higher number of international students while helping to cultivate Japanese students who can thrive in a global environment, Nagoya University is currently expanding the number of programs that will be taught entirely in English. Nagoya University is in the central Chubu region, one of the most powerful manufacturing regions in the world, with a high concentration of major multinational corporations. The city of Nagoya is the fourth largest in Japan and provides easy access to Tokyo and Kyoto. The cost of living in Nagoya is relatively affordable, and the city boasts a vibrant culture that combines a modern and traditional atmosphere, making it a stimulating and comfortable place to live.
For more information:

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