Hiroshi Naka

Assistant Professor
Hiroshi Naka
Doctor of Science
Noyori Laboratory
Key word
Organic Chemistry, Molecular Catalysis, Synthetic Chemistry, Photocatalysis, Green and Sustainable Chemistry


  • Group Website
    Catalysis for Synthetic Chemistry: The aim of our research is to solve problems related to organic/organometallic chemistry and catalysis. One of our major missions is to establish new trends and high-standard academic basis in chemical synthesis by exploring new science in catalytic strategies. In particular, we have recently been focusing on the development of new, straightforward catalytic methods that convert simple substances such as water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methanol, into valuable materials. Several goals have been partly achieved either with (1) thermal homogeneous/heterogeneous catalysis or (2) heterogeneous photocatalysis. Each project is initiated by identifying the potential scientific basis requested for academia and industry in the next generation. See here for more information.
  • Personal history

  • Research Experiences
    2008-present Assistant Professor
    Research Center for Materials Sciences, Nagoya University
    2006-2008 Research Associate
    Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tohoku University

    Other Appointments
    2013-2014 Co-Investigator
    Joint Research between Nagoya University and 5 Chemical Companies
    2012-present Visiting Research Fellow
    Tokyo University of Science
    Joint Research between Nagoya University and 7 Chemical Companies
    2008-2010 Visiting Research Fellow
    Hokuriku University
    2008-2010 Co-Investigator
    Joint Research between Nagoya University and 8 Chemical Companies
    2006-present Visiting Research Fellow

    2008 Ph. D., Organic Chemistry, Nagoya University
    2005 Visiting Student
    Frie University (Prof. Koop Lammertsma), the Netherlands
    2005 M. S., Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
    2003 B. S., The University of Tokyo
  • Awards

  • 2005 JSPS Fellowships for Japanese Junior Scientists
    2014 Chemical Society of Japan Presentation Award 2014
    2015 Asian Core Program/Advanced Research Network Lectureship Award (Singapore)
    2018 Toyota Riken Scholar