Hisanori Shinohara

D.Sc. ( 1983, Kyoto University )
+81-(0)52- 789 - 2482
Laboratory of Nano-Structured Materials
Key word
Nanocarbons, Fullerenes, Metallofullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes, Peapods, Graphene, Atomic layered materials, Nanowires, Nanotechnology


  • Overview:
      Since today's device engineering is facing technical and economic difficulty in further miniaturizing electronic devices with the current fabrication technologies, the need for alternative device-channels is particularly imminent.
      Fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and graphene have been considered as one of the most promising nano-materials in today's nanoscience and nanotechnology since Kraetschmer and Huffman's first report on the macroscopic synthesis of C60 in 1990. In fact, fullerenes and carbon nanotubes have been successfully used for nanometer-sized devices such as diodes, transistors, and random memory cells.
      During the past decade, we have been trying to elucidate structures, electronic/magnetic properties and applications of fullerenes, endohedral metallofullerenes, carbon nanotubes, nano-peapods and graphene from heuristic and overall points of view.
  • Personal history

  • Permanent Address:
    Department of Chemistry & Institute for Advanced Research
    Nagoya University
    Nagoya 464 - 8602
    Tel:  + 81- (0)52 - 789 - 2482
    Fax:  +81 - (0)52 - 747 - 6442
    Email: noris@nagoya-u.jp

    1977 - B.Sc. in Chemistry, Shinshu University.
    1979 - M.Sc. in Chemical Physics, Kyoto University.
    1983 - D.Sc. in Chemical Physics, Kyoto University.

    Professional Career:
    1979 - Research Associate, Institute for Molecular Science (IMS), Japan.
    1983 - Assistant Professor, Institute for Molecular Science (IMS).
    1988 - Associate Professor, Chemistry Department of Materials, Mie University.
    1993 - Professor, Department of Chemistry, Nagoya University.
    2003 - Adjunct Professor, Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University
    2009 - Vice Dean of Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
    2012 - Dean of the Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
    2012 - Dean of the School of Science, Nagoya University
    2012 - Fellow of The Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University
    2015 - Director of The Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University

    Other Professional Career
    1993 - 1994  Adjunct Professor, Institute for Materials Research (IMR),
                Tohoku University
    1998 - 2000  Adjunct Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry,
                The University of Tokyo
    2002 - 2004  Guest Professor, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering,
                Peking University (P.R.China)
    2005 - 2009  Guest Professor, Department of Chemistry,
                Xian Jiaotong University (P.R.China)
    2006-2007   Guest Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Osaka University.
    2008-2013   Adjunct Professor, WPI (World Premier Institute) Professor,
                Tohoku University.
    2009-2012   Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics, Shanghai University
    2012-       Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics, Zhejiang University

    Journal Editors, Associate Editors and Editorial Boards:
    Associate Editor (2014 - ), " Royal Society Open Science "
    Editorial Board (2015 - ), " Scientific Reports "
    The Editor-in-Chief (Asian Region) (1997 - ),
      " Fullerenes,Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures "
    Co-Editor-in-Chief (2002 - ), " Journal of Small System "
    Associate Editor (2001 - ), " Materials Science Forum "
    Associate Editor (2001 - ), " New Diamond and Frontier Carbon Technology "
    Associate Editor (2006 - ), " Nano "

    Advisory Board, Conference Organizers and External Reviewers:
    The Symposium Organizer of Endofullerenes Division of ECS
       (Electrochemical Society), USA (1993 - present)
    The Symposium Organizer of MRS (Materials Research Society) Meeting, USA (1994) 
    The Symposium Organizer of IWEPNM Winter School, Austria (1999 - present)
    International Advisory Board of IWFAC (International Workshop on Fullerenes and
       Atomic Clusters), Russia (2000 - present)
    The Advisory Board for ACS Nanotechnology Subdivision, USA (2000 - present)
    The Advisory Board of International Conference on the Science and Application
       of Nanotubes, USA (2003 - present)
    Organizer-in-Chief of Korea-Japan Bilateral Carbon Nanotubes Conference
       (2003 - present)
    External Examiner for National Research Council(NRC), Canada (2003 -2005)
    External Examiner for EU NanoSci-ERA Nanotechnology Consortium, France
    The International Advisory Board of N.Shankarannair Research Center for
       Nanotechnology & Bionanotechnology (NSNRS), Maharashtra,
       India.(2010- present)

    Publications (as of March, 2015):
    Peer-reviewed papers: 526
    (4 in Nature, 1 in Nature Communications, 3 in Nature Chemistry, 1 in Science and 15 in Phys.Rev.Lett.)

    International conference proceedings: 72
    Review papers: 50

    Info on Paper Citation (as of March, 2015):
    Sum of Times Cited: 20,526
    Average Citation: 38
    h-index: 72

    Fields of Major Current Interests:
    Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of Fullerenes, Metallofullerenes, Carbon Nanotubes, Nano-peapods, Graphene and related Nano-Carbon Materials

    Brief Personal Profile:
      Hisanori SHINOHARA received his B.Sc. in 1977 from Shinshu University and his Ph.D. from Kyoto University in 1983 in Chemical Physics. He joined the research group of Prof. Nishi as a research associate of Institute for Molecular Science (IMS) at Okazaki in 1979 where he made some pioneering works on laser spectroscopy of supersonic jet-cooled molecular clusters of water, ammonia, benzene and so on.
      He then became an associate professor of Chemistry at Mie University in 1988. During this period he started fullerenes and metallofullerenes works in addition to molecular microclusters. He came to Nagoya University in 1993 as a full professor in Chemistry. He is the recipient of the Japan Mass Spectrometry prize (1991), the Japan Metal Society prize (1994), the Japan IBM Science prize (1996), Molecular Science Forum Lectureship at Chinese Academy of Science (2002), Ishikawa Carbon Prize (2006), Japan Chemical Society Award (2010 ), Chunich Cultural Award (2011), Lectureship of the Chemistry Research Promotion Center [The National Science Council (NSC) of Taiwan])(2012).
      He is widely known for his achievement on the production and characterization of endohedral metallofullerenes and novel carbon nanotube materials. His research team has been produced, purified and characterized more than 70 endohedral metallofullerenes. Totally, he has published over 470 original and peer-reviewed scientific papers including approximately 400 in the top physics and chemistry journals , and more than 50 review papers in journals and books. He has also presented a lot of invited lectures/seminars and conference talks. He is also the members of Japan Chemical Society, Japan Physical Society, Japan Mass Spectrometry Society, Materials Research Society (U.S.A.), Electrochemical Society (U.S.A.), American Association for the Advancement of Science (U.S.A.), and serves as referees in many international journals in physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering.
  • Awards

  • Japan Mass Spectrometry Society Prize (1991)
    Metallic Materials Science Award (1994)
    Japan IBM Science Prize (1996)
    The Molecular Science Forum Lectureship at Chinese Academy of Science
     (CAS, Beijing) (2002)
    Ishikawa Carbon Prize (2006)
    The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) Award (2010)
    Chunichi Cultural Award (2011)
    The Lectureship of the Chemistry Research Promotion Center (CRPC)
     (The National Science Council (NSC) of Republic of China) (2012)
    JSAP (Japan Society of Applied Physics) Outstanding Paper Award (2012)