Research Center for Materials Science


 This center was established in April of 1998 as a central research location, the first of its kind in the country, where we move forward with international and fundamental general research for the creation of “substances” that promise a future rich in human resources. We aim for the resolution of important modern social problems that face us directly such as the global environment, energy, the amount of food, and health. Our objective is to give rise to useful substances that build a rich society and build scientific principles.

 Molecules and aggregation thereof are composed of a limited number of atoms, but by controlling the structure thereof, the arrangement of atoms or the spatial arrangement, substances having various functions can be created. The central aim of the substance creation research of our center is the free synthesis and design of substances that have new functions, and accurately and intimately knowing the properties of these various kinds of molecules. In order to do this, the chemical phenomenon of the target molecules and molecule groups are analyzed, and it is important to develop effective methods of exchanging substances. Also, what is required is the search for useful naturally occurring biologically active substances, metal enzyme functions, and other analysis of chemical reactions targeting biological phenomenon which leads to the study of nature and the development of chemistry along with nature.

 With that as background, this center’s primary objective is organic substance synthesis research, inorganic substance synthesis research, substance function research, biological substance research, and molecular catalyst research. It gathers the results gathered from the research, and looks to create substances with superior functions, and is creating a new fundamental academic discipline. Substance creation research helps all fundamental disciplines move forward and forms the basis of new technological development, so is necessary for Japan to contribute to international society in a pioneering way as a country of scientific and technological development. The research activities of this center are garnering notice both domestically and internationally, and the results we achieve are transmitted widely to all the world.


This center was joined with the chemistry measurement device center in April of 2004 and became a more full research organization.


The chemistry measurement device center, established in 1980, is an intra-school shared use facility and introduces high functioning measurement devices and introduces accurate measurement methods.

These research activities will be taken over by the chemistry measurement devices room.

 This center is organized with organic chemists, inorganic chemists, physical chemists, and biochemists in a flexible arrangement so that it can function as a central research location making progress on fundamental research on an international level related to the creation of substances. We actively work towards the creation of new academic disciplines that are not taken by the existing framework of academic disciplines. We have 15 full time faculty, one domestic visiting faculty member, and three foreign visiting faculty members. Additionally, we have two technology specialists, six part time researchers (doctoral candidates), three office staff, and two research support staff who help with research activities. This center maintains close working relationships with each of the chemistry laboratories in the materials sciences specialization on both educational and research levels.

 Among this, the full time faculty manage the cooperative course with the graduate level science research division, assist the students with education and research guidance, and strive to properly train the young researchers of tomorrow in an international environment.

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