Campus Asia

A Cooperative Asian Education Gateway for a Sustainable Society: Expanding the Frontiers in Science and Technology of Chemistry and Material

We aim to create a trilateral hub in the field of chemistry and materials for a sustainable society through cooperative education and research. We will utilize the synergies of the high education potentials of partner universities: Nagoya University and Tohoku University (Japan), Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Nanjing University (China), and Seoul National University and POSTECH (Korea).
We plan to exchange a total of about 30 high potential undergraduate or graduate students per year among partner universities and to teach to them the principles of research for the development of environment-friendly materials during the exchange for 3-12 months. The exchange students will be engaged in advanced courses reflecting the strengths of the host university in a complementary way, and apply the knowledge to actual research problems in a hands-on approach. Additionally, we plan to exchange lecturers for short seminars to encourage mutual understanding and exploration of joint research projects. The first step has already been undertaken through a joint symposium of all partners in March 2011 in Shanghai. On the basis of the connection between students and researchers, we plan to build an Asian Campus of Molecular Science in a Cyberspace.
We expect to nurture future leaders in material related areas, who will have the intellectual and communication abilities and extended experience to work in academia or industry for the prosperity and benefit of their home countries. We also expect to promote the students’ global compassion and commitment by realizing the history, culture and ways of thinking of foreign countries. Last, but not least we plan to cooperate with chemical and pharmaceutical companies in each partner country to provide special lectures, internship offers and job-hunting opportunities.

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