Seeded Polymerization through the Interplay of Folding and Aggregation of an Amino-Acid-based Diamide

Near infrared two-photon-excited and -emissive dyes based on a strapped excited-state intramolecular proton-transfer (ESIPT) scaffold

Converging and Integrating Our Knowledge to Sustain Humanity

A covalent G-site inhibitor for glutathione S-transferase Pi (GSTP1-1)

Photochemical Intramolecular C–H Addition of Dimesityl(hetero)arylboranes by a [1,6]-Sigmatropic Rearrangement

Super-Photostable Phosphole-Based Dye for Multiple-Acquisition Stimulated Emission Depletion Imaging

Laterally π-Extended Dithia[6]helicenes with Heptagons: Saddle-Helix Hybrid Molecules

Synthesis of Seminaphtho-phospha-fluorescein Dyes Based on the Consecutive Arylation of Aryldichlorophosphines

Catalytic transformation of functionalized carboxylic acids using multifunctional rhenium complexes

Electro-Activated Conductivity and White Light Emission of a Hydrocarbon Nanoring-Iodine Assembly